Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sierra hanging out in her room!

This is the view from the backyard. I love living in Utah - you can have a gorgeous mountain view almost anywhere!

Here's our living room, which is still a work in progress. We're hoping to rearrange the furniture, as soon as we figure out how to move a very heavy piano across the room.

Coming in my next post - all about my square foot garden!


  1. Lowe's has furniture sliders that make piano moving much more enjoyable, especially if there are no thresholds to go over. Not to expensive. Mom has some, but they might still be under her piano. Just get a couple of big strong guys (a.k.a. Dad, Scott, Darrell, Spencer if you are desperate)and you can have it done before desert. (Which is going to be delicious). I like the pictures by the way, especially your profile:)

  2. I forgot an "o". Not TOO expensive.